Partial listing of current and recently completed projects:

  • Enterprise Project Management Information System: GE Power Systems is a world wide organization that needed a project management system to deliver relevant information on a real time basis to their stakeholders. We are working with GE to implement project management system that is designed to deliver strategic information over the world wide web to give GE Power Systems the competitive advantage they need to deliver projects on-time, within budget and with no surprises.
  • Project Controls Services for Turbine Installation/Maintenance: GE International is located in Dubai, UAE and is engaged in sales, installation and maintenance of it's turbines. We are providing field installation project controls services to GE International in their efforts to serve their Middle East customers in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We have also designed and implemented project control software to enable GE Project Managers To perform scheduling, Cost control, scope management, quality control based on six sigma and report all this on metrics based project management system. Our specialized tools and people provide GE International the competitive advantage they need to deliver projects on-time, within budget and with no surprises.
  • Project Controls Services for Duke Energy - USA: Duke Energy One of the largest utility company in the USA wanted to setup an enterprise project controls and project management framework to manage their Transmission and Distribution business. Especially focusing on the company's Capital Projects we designed project management methodology and tools to enable their managers to control project schedule, cost and scope as well as document all the projects' based documents in enterprise central repository. Our dedicated consultants worked hand in hand with Duke's project controls staff to design, implement and train the people to sucessfully deliver projects.
  • Web Based Reporting Environment: Cinergy Inc. also helped Cinergy to implement web based reporting environment where all the schedule and cost information is integrated and accessible on the web real time. We used off the shelf software and Internet technologies to minimize code development yet satisfy the customer business need. Now the Cinergy's $280 million dollar capital construction program is available on the secured website for project managers to access independent of their geographical location.
  • Knowledge Management: Thomson Multimedia with prestigious brand names such as RCA wanted to select a knowledge management system. We helped Thomson Multimedia to evaluate and setup knowledge management environment in Lotus Domino and Domino.doc
  • Document Management: Hunt Construction Group One of the top 25 ENR construction companies wanted their United Postal Hub project in Louisville, KY to be streamlined with Prolog Manager, a document management software by Meridian Systems. We setup the reporting system using Seagate Crystal reporting engine on top of Prolog to help Project Managers run the project efficiently.
  • Schedule Management: Hunt Construction Group We helped Hunt Construction Group on their $155 million Tigers Stadium project in Detroit to streamline their master schedule and setup reporting on a monthly basis.
  • IT Outsourcing: GM Construction Inc. One of the Indiana's biggest minority construction contractor wanted to focus on their core business and yet have a full function IT environment that would keep their cost down and at the same time support their growth. We are the IT department for GM Construction and the company put faith in us for their computing needs.

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